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20th Century Women  Soundtrack CD. 20th Century Women  Soundtrack

20th Century Women lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

December, 28th 2016

20th Century Women album description:

Don’t believe when creators tell that this is a comedy-drama. If there is a ‘drama’ word in the recent films, you may be absolutely, 200% sure that there will be nothing comedic in the film. This trend lasts for almost 2 decades & every film titled a comedy-drama is nothing but a boring storytelling about feelings of one or two people who allegedly had love but then something terrible happened to them & it turned out that they cannot be together or, at least, cannot be together for a while. Look here – we’ve just told you the storyline of every single film of show business of the last 30 years (well, except horrors and action movies, because these two are still interesting to watch).
The soundtrack generates the mixed feelings. At first, every single song from it is either old or very old. Rudy Vallee's ‘As Time Goes By’ has come to us from 1940ies. David Bowie's ‘D.J.’ is from 1970ies. The Buzzcocks' ‘Why Can't I Touch It?’ is old too, along with every other song here, whatever its name. Some songs have interesting and sophisticated lyrics, like ‘Love in a Void’. Some others are absolutely dull and blunt lyrics, as ‘Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy’. If we were the sound producers of the film, we would try at least to select something cheery & uplifting. And would definitely avoid the glam rock pop things by Mr. Bowie, because nothing from what he did may be considered actually normal. Yes, he may be an idol of some people & performers, but they are way too far from the normal people – those who listens to glam pop, aren’t collide with the ordinary life, having kids, living in a fancy house, etc.
So, do you believe this film is destined to have huge box office? Oh, come on – how many of you heard that Annette Bening & Elle Fanning star in anything but boring intellectual things with endless talking?


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