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As Time Goes By Lyrics - Rudy Vallee

Soundtrack: 20th Century Women

As Time Goes By Lyrics

As Time Goes By Song Lyrics

This day and age we're living
This cause for apprehension
This speed and new invention
And things like third dimension
Yet we get a trifle weary
With Mr. Einstein's Theory
For we must get down to earth at time
Relax, relieve the tension

No matter what the progress of what may have improved,
The simple facts of life are such, they cannot be removed

You must remember this
A kiss is still a kiss
A sigh is just a sigh
The fundamental things apply as time goes by

And when two lovers woo
They still say "I love you"
On that you can rely
No matter what the future brings, as time goes by

Moonlight and love songs never out of date
Hearts full of passion, jealousy, and hate
Woman needs man, and man must have his mate
That no one can deny

It's still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die
The world will always welcome lovers as time goes by

December, 28th 2016
It starts as the lullaby but soon transforms into the love romance song with characteristic soothing hissing that is inherent to the plates of records of that time. Many admirers of such records consider it ‘true’ music, as it is ‘alive’ in such recording – as it has hissing and roughness in the sound. It is said that despite many inventions on earth, you should always remember the happy simple things like a kiss, sigh or ‘I love you’ words said by the lovers. So come what may from the inventions of life, there are always simple things that you receive enjoyment from like staying together and loving.

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