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Media Blitz

Germs Lyrics


Media Blitz Lyrics

Media Blitz Song Lyrics

I've got television
I've got supervision
No decisons for you
Media blitz-media Blitz
Immediate hits-we rule

Don't steal your eyes off the TV screen
Can you realize we're what we've seen
Take an injection from the mad machine

Don't read the papers read between the lines
We're vision rapers and we seed the signs
You'll play your part in the master mind

We feed the science
We deal in riots
We play by ideal time
We're a gov'ment fix
All social convicts
Watch the idle rhymes

Bleed your heart out-that's all it's worth
Before you ever start-we planned it first
Forget the truth-accept your curse

December, 28th 2016
Very fast-paced rock by a band with the pretentious name Germs. It has been done by adolescents and, obviously, for the same heart-burning adolescents. It is mostly the protest song. A protest against TV, media, and science. The performers tell they participate in riots, and they are some sort of fix for the government. They are against the rules and an established way of life. They are calling to chaos, to forget the rules, truth and to accept the truth made of who you are and your ideas, not the society way of living. It is only for those who have the blood inflamed with personal freedom.


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