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Theory Of Everything, The Album Cover

“Theory Of Everything, The” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

“Theory Of Everything, The” Track List with Lyrics

Film, shooting planning of which took more time than the actual shooting. Created by the book of Jane Hawking, movie was filmed for ten years. More than three went out to persuade the author to allow the novel was filmed. Despite the insanely thorough preparation, the film was not perfect – there are about a dozen of so-called "faults". However, it does not spoil the overall impression from the picture.
Eddie Redmayne, acted the main hero, so accustomed to the role of a character that even in between filming retained the certain position, being almost stationary. This led to a thorough health problems, but thanks to Steven Hawking he was awarded – the scientist admitted that in some moments he saw oneself. It is surprising that the actor only once met the physicist in person. At the same time, he did not succeed to ask questions about the role.
Soundtrack was written in the studio of the famous Abbey Road, famed, of course, primarily by the legendary “The Beatles”. Full half of the recorded tracks are instrumental. Musicians of Stuttgart State Opera Orchestra and The Cinematic Orchestra were involved in their recording.
Songs in which there is a vocal, show spectacular names – for example, The Devil May Care and ( (Love is Like a) Heat Wave, which opens the soundtrack’s album. Composers surprisingly well managed to recreate the atmosphere of those years, and at the same time, to highlight the dramatic story of a young scientist with a complex fate. Special attention has to be given to the composition Time After Time, which is one of the most popular by ratings.
The soundtrack was nominated for the Golden Globe award and the same for Oscar too.

January, 09th 2017


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