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November, 22nd 2015
Another composition in a pleasant and quiet genre of jazz. Soft play, muffled sound of trumpet and piano makes it almost a lullaby. Melody is quite monotonous, but sustained – high notes are replaced by lower just at the moment when a couple more seconds and it would be too monotonous. Solo on wind instruments mesmerizes and thoughts just evaporate from your mind at the first sound of the instrument – ready to listen and to be thrilled with the sound of music.

I'm in the Market for You lyrics - Hanley/McCarthy

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I'm in the Market for You Song Lyrics

I'll have to see my broker,
Find out what he can do,
'Cause I'm in the market for you.
There won't be any joker,
With margin I'm all through,
'Cause I want you outright, it's true.
You're going up, up, up in my estimation,
I want a thousand shares of your caresses, too.
We'll count the hugs and kisses,
When dividends are due,
'Cause I'm in the market for you!