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T2: Trainspotting  Soundtrack CD. T2: Trainspotting  Soundtrack

T2: Trainspotting lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2017

January, 12th 2017

T2: Trainspotting album description:

You shall definitely see the original part of this oeuvre before watching the number two, as you risk not understanding anything what’s going on. But there is also a strong comprehension that two parts aren’t connected in everything literally. Even the heroes changed for real – as there were 21 years in the real life between the emergence of Trainspotting part 1 and 2, this one.
You will meet here well-known Ewan McGregor as the main star, but the pleasant surprise will be Jonny Lee Miller – one of interesting Sherlocks of our time. Though Ewan can sing (which he outstandingly demonstrated in Moulin Rouge), in this piece by Danny Boyle he does not. One of the songs – Silk – is used as the trailer’s theme – and it has very powerful lyrics, as it tells a nice story with luring voice. It feels like (for us), that this time, the film will not plunge us into the drugs’ world, but will try to tell us to avoid it.
Several songs have a link to people of white race: (White Man) In Hammersmith Palaisand Whitest Boy on the Beach. They all play a significant role in the narrative line, as usually in films of Danny Boyle. We don’t agree with the ideas that they pronounce but the film is essentially soaked with them, so we just have to accept it and to step away.
In the soundtrack, there are several well-known performers like Queen or Blondie. They deliver hit things. Iggy Pop, as always, does nonsense in the lyrics and this is the reason we don’t love him.
The overall impression of this soundtrack – it is classical Danny Boyle’s thing. You may hate the way he does sound to his films. But every his motion picture is a true masterpiece, even if it is about drugs and their abuse. Which we, by the way, absolutely disapprove. But we want to see this film just to guess how elderly Ewan McGregor has become.

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