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Space Between Us  Soundtrack CD. Space Between Us  Soundtrack

Space Between Us lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

November, 25th 2016

Space Between Us album description:

This is a romantic thing, which will be loved by teenagers of the entire planet. Imagine that: there was a person born on Mars, a boy that wasn’t planned to be, but he was. In 16 years, he was raised on the different planet in our solar system, which was colonized by that time (something around 2040) and somehow he returned to Earth, by stealing the small space shuttle and headed towards the International Space Station. And oh – there was a girl, with whom he was chatting through the years – from Mars, using some kind of space Internet (obviously, provided by Tesla corporation by that time, why not?). Upon arrival, he found her and of course, they fled from everyone, and once she recognized he wasn’t lying to her (that he was from Mars), she fell in love with him even more than she was before. There were hardships, of course as physically, he couldn’t make love, as his heart wasn’t raised on Earth and has sometimes incapable of pumping even the blood in the normal state, not mentioning about the excitement and running. But after all, they overcame the obstacles and she flies with him on Mars to start a new colony of people there. Or at least, we would love to think so.
The same romantic and not really predictable as the movies, the soundtrack also diverges. BORNS and BANNERS along with two other performers that already have the clips attached – Crystal Fighters and James Bay – are the same youthful, lyrical, unpredictable, interesting, exciting, and charming. The musical hallmark of this film is startling clips combined with faded lyrics. That goes for every single piece. Which is pitiful – you expect something amazing in lyrics from such great pieces like ‘At Home,’ ‘10,000 Emerald Pools’ or ‘Smallest Light.’ But is just isn’t happening. So we have to receive enjoyment from the film itself.

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