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Rocky Horror Picture Show Event Album Cover

“Rocky Horror Picture Show Event” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

“Rocky Horror Picture Show Event” Track List with Lyrics

This is a FOX show, starring Laverne Cox as the main singer, dancer and protagonist of this old-fashioned (vintage) show, which main action occurs in the dark castle in the gothic style. Some of you may know Mrs. Cox from the Zombie Prom musical and short half-an-hour film following it of the same name, where she depicted a school’s principal.
This is one of those films that are featured on TV and never – on the big screen, as they are too low-budget for this issue. The first 25 minutes of the movie have already seen the light on 2016 Diego’s Comic Con, but the full-fledged premiere will be in November 2016 only.
There is no much difference between version of 1975 and this remake. The same story is preserved: a pair – he and she – comes to some wacky crazy gothic castle, where they are met by the same remarkable inhabitants, who incline them to various genital adventures and pleasures, which they eventually meet with drastic desire, after several beseeches.
The soundtrack is full of pop and rock songs, approximately 50/50. Victoria Justice and Laverne Cox are main two female protagonists, singing the majority of songs. Wild and Untamed Thing with Touch-A Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me – are two brightest examples of extremely indecent desires. In lyrics, they say of moments when women want intimacy so much, that if you entered their premises in this moment, you would definitely not leave them for hours. Or maybe even for days. They are an example of horniest creatures in these songs.
Yet another thing in this direction is Sweet Transvestite, in the lyrics of which is told about various kind of pleasure that a transvestite from Transylvania can give you. Basically, this musical is for lovers of intimacy extremes.

October, 13th 2016


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