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October, 13th 2016
Slow pop, revealing the mental anguishing of the protagonist, where he says terrible things – some superheroes are going to eat the flesh, which isn’t deceased yet. He tells of insects, who would probably be called a race of humans (interesting allegorical parallel to Humanity that makes the total destruction of the world where they live, just like a locust). He sees other planet & the mentioned race. He doesn’t know what the meaning of it, but the main idea – he is terrified. Reference: What Superhero Powers Would Victoria Justice, Nathan Kress & More Possess - Fanlalatv

Super Heroes lyrics - Victoria Justice

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Super Heroes Song Lyrics

Brad Majors I've done a lot
God knows I've tried
To find the truth
I've even lied
But all I know
Is down inside I'm
Chorus Bleeding
Janet Weiss And super heroes
Come to feast
To taste the flesh
Not yet deceased
And all I know
Is still the beast is
Chorus Feeding
Criminologist And crawling on the planet's face
Some insects called the human race
Lost in time, and lost in space
And meaning
Chorus Meanin