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McFarland, USA Soundtrack CD. McFarland, USA Soundtrack

McFarland, USA lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

December, 26th 2016

McFarland, USA album description:

Cute story from the Disney studio. Visibly aged Kevin Costner, who acts the coach of running for the local boys, goes against the current and against any bans. Locals are Latin Americans in the most, and he radically differs from them. He wants to do good stuff, because he is such a person. The world does not resist too much. The world just expects when someone strong enough comes, to do something. And Kevin proves that he is that man. Another film of category of those saying that we must believe in ourselves, and then the world will respond to us with absolute reciprocity and complete dedication.
It is easy to assume, that soundtrack for this film consists almost entirely of the Latin American songs (for example, Vato Loco ). But there are others, such as The Star Spangled Banner or I'm Still Here. The first is the most famous anthem in the world, and the second is just another blues song. There are no star performers in the soundtrack. But there is just sturdy performers such as War and Los Dos Angeless.
Judging of the assembly of genres that are in this collection, we may say that there are jazz, funk, pop, anthem and some salsa. Most of the songs performed with Latin American bias, which dictates the style. That is, the music is more active, with more of high tones.
There are no particular striking melodies, except, of course, the anthem. In their most, they are active and cute, nice and tonic. But there is nothing to highlight among songs of this collection. For example, singer Danielle we like more than others, only because she has a bright, clear, rich voice that simply just wanted to be ripped out of her lips. Young and attractive girl, will do her big hit in future, if she will not dwell on it. We also cannot call her job here a hit.
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