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Friends Sound Byte 7 lyrics

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Friends Sound Byte 7 Song Lyrics

[Scene: Central Perk, Everyone is there.]
JOEY: Hey Ross, will you pass me that knife?
ROSS: No, I will not!
JOEY: Oh, it's okay. You don't have to be so mean about it.
ROSS: You're right, I'm sorry. Will you marry me?
(They all laugh.)
PHOEBE: Aw, and I was gonna ask you to marry me because I forgot to say hello to you last week.
RACHEL: Oh no wait Pheebs, I think for something like that you just ask them to move in with you. But I'm not sure, Chandler?
CHANDLER: Okay, how long is this going to go on.
MONICA: Well I think the length of teasing is directly related to how insane you were so, a long time.
ROSS: This is fun. Hey Rach, remember that whole "We were on a break thing?" Well, I'm sorry, will you marry me?
(Laughs--whines as he sees that no one is laughing. They're just staring at him in shock.)
CHANDLER: That's not funny.
JOEY: That's not funny at all!
(They all get up and leave.)