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Friends Sound Byte 4 Lyrics

OST: Friends Again

Song Lyrics

Friends Sound Byte 4 Song Lyrics

RACHEL: Ooh, I just wish we hadn't lost those four months, but if time was what you needed just to gain a little perspective...

[cut to Monica cleaning the floor in the kitchen]

ROSS: (yelling from the bedroom) WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!!!!!

[cut back to Rachel's bedroom with both of them hurriedly getting dressed]

ROSS: And for the record, it took two people to break up this relationship!!
RACHEL: Yeah! You and that girl from that copy place, which yesterday you took full responsibility for!!
ROSS: I didn't know what I was taking full responsibility for! Okay?! I didn't finish the whole letter!
RACHEL: What?!!
ROSS: I fell asleep!
RACHEL: You fell asleep?!
ROSS: It was 5:30 in the morning, and you had rambled on for 18 pages. Front and back!! (they go into the living room,
trapping Monica, Chandler, and Joey in the kitchen) (to Rachel) Oh-oh-oh, and by the way, Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E means 'you are,' Y-O-U-R means 'your!'
RACHEL: Y'know I can't believe I even thought about getting back together again! We are so over!!
ROSS: (starts to cry) FINE BY ME!! (he opens the door and traps Chandler behind it)
RACHEL: Oh, oh, and hey-hey-hey, those little spelling tips will come in handy when you're at home on Saturday nights playing Scrabble with Monica!!
RACHEL: (to Monica) Sorry!! (to Ross) I just feel bad about all that sleep you're gonna miss wishing you were with me!
ROSS: Oh, no-no-no don't you worry about me falling asleep. I still have your letter!!!
RACHEL: And hey! Just so you know, it's not that common! It doesn't happen to every guy! And it is a big deal!!

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