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Friends Sound Byte 2 Lyrics

OST: Friends Again

Song Lyrics

Friends Sound Byte 2 Song Lyrics

CHANDLER: Ok, last night at dinner it's like all of the sudden, we were this couple, ok?. And this alarm started going off in my head, y'know: 'Run for your life! Get out of the building!'
MONICA: What is it with you people! I mean, the minute you start to feel something, you have to run away?
CHANDLER: I know, that, (looks at her fake chest, and loses his train of thought, temporarily) that's why I don't want to go
tonight, I'm afraid I'm going to say something stupid.
MONICA: Oh, you mean like that guy thing where you act mean and distant until you get us to break up with you.
JOEY: Hey, you know about that?!
CHANDLER: Look what do I do? I wanna get past this, I don't wanna be afraid of the commitment thing. I wanna go through
the tunnel, to the other side!
JOEY: Well, I've never been through the tunnel myself, 'cause as I understand it, you're not allowed to go through with more than one girl in the car, right. But, it seems to me it's pretty much like anything else, you know, face your fear. In this case, you have a fear of commitment, so I say you go in there and you be the most committed guy there ever was. Go for it man, jump off the high dive, stare down the barrel of the gun, pee into the wind!
CHANDLER: Yeah, Joe, I assure you if I'm staring down the barrel of a gun, I'm pretty much peeing every which way

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