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December, 12th 2016
Harder Than Steel done by Jag Panzer. Active hard rock, which is a bit familiar to metal. Perhaps the style of metal rock would be determining this composition as much as possible. A lot of bass guitar, percussion instruments (timpani stands out especially). An interesting story is not told, instead of it, song contains a full-time motivation, which is suitable for young people, yet not biased by our mad society. Reference: Jag Panzer band on Wikipedia

Harder Than Steel lyrics - Jag Panzer

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Harder Than Steel Song Lyrics

See the lights flashing bright above
Electrify the night
Sweat dripping lords of the metal kind
Blow you out of sight
Never listen to a word we say
You're always breaking the rules
Eyes are open when you pray
Mocking the blinded fools, you fool
You put their heads on the grinding wheel
Give 'em hell 'cause you're harder than steel
Oh, you're harder than steel, yeah, ya feel
All for yourself and no one else
You try to look 'em straight in the eye
A piercing glare of truth
Holding their minds in a metal grip
All power is in your youth
Using age as a weapon they try to bring you down
A violent social circle but they can't steal your crown
You've had it up to here, ya know
With all their lies
No chains are gonna hold you down
You're breaking all the ties tonight
It's your life, you're gonna live it
Can't tell ya what to do
In one ear and out the other
That's what they see in you