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Dark Places Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

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Dark Places album description:

The soundtrack of twenty seven songs in this gloomy thriller leaves to us quite depressing mood. The film itself is gorgeous, with Charlize Theron, brilliantly played in the recent film, which also is on this site – Mad Max: Fury Road and Chloe Grace Moretz, also indescribably performed a role in the bomb-alike film If I Stay, having such an exceptional actor's talent in her 17 years. Charlize is seen recently only in films with negative energy – as if in ten years she was not in the same mood as Robin Williams had and wouldn’t do what he did.
Of course, a selection of music written specifically to capture maximum from the atmosphere of this dark film with a multi-faced acting. What about only such great melodies as A Meanness Inside Me and That Night – they breaks heart. Listening to these gloomy melodies plunges you into the abyss of gloom and despair. Do not search here for something light or anything like the hope giver: film like this one has a strong, but gloomy, instrumental soundtrack. Gregory Tripi wrote one half of the selections for the film, and BT wrote the other. The rest of the composers presented here insignificantly.
If you want to emphasize your life’s collapse, a crisis of existence and decay of all things, engaging in self-digging on a maximum, or if you just a Goth or a Satanist, this musical selection is for you. Begin to hear it straight from A Dark Place, which is the main theme song. It is a bit like the music before the second and fifth acts in the cult computer game named “Diablo II”.
One darker another, all instrumental music here sinks you to the bottom, and even additional composition of a mixture of rock and cyberpunk, only complete the general picture of gloom, as if sealing this atmosphere of the other side of human life with own presence.

December, 12th 2016


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