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Straight Outta Locash lyrics by CB4 (Daddy-O, Hi-C)


Straight Outta Locash Song Lyrics

CB4 in the motherf**kin house!
Yeah Gusto's in the motherf**kin house
with my man Dead Mike!
We breakin motherf**kers off 24-7!
So check this sh*t out!
Aiyyo Gusto... (whassup?)
KICK THAT sh*t!!!
Straight Outta Locash
A crazy mothaf**ka named Gusto
I f**ked ya wife, cause the b**ch is a big hoe
I f**ked ya sister, I f**ked ya cat
I would have f**ked ya mom but the b**ch is too fat!
When I'm in ya neighborhood, ya betta dig a moat
cause I'm comin to slit... ya motherf**kin throat!
Blood is drippin, I'm not slippin
b**ches panties, is what I'm rippin
Rollin faster than a motherf**kin dirt bike
Never met a piece of pussy that I didn't like
Like to eat it, like to suck it
Take a sh*t... in a bucket; Straight Outta Locash!!!
Crazy motherf**kers, hah hah!
(Where you from, nigga?)
Comin straight out of Locash,
a crazy motherf**ker named Dead Mike
So get ready cause you're goin for a long hike
off a cliff, I'm drivin you over
Now ya dead with ya fo' leaf clover
Float like a cannonball, sting like a shark
I'm the nigga waitin for you in the dark
Waitin to rob you, waitin to beat you
A bullet in ya head is how I greet you (whassup nigga?)
A villain with a hat, and it's like that
I tied yo' moms to a motherf**kin train track
Flat on her back, I give her some crack
It's ten o'clock - DO YOU KNOW WHERE YO MOMS IS AT?
At my house (doin what?) wipin her ass
She had to move... STRAIGHT OUTTA LOCASH!!!
[scratches til fade]