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Lifeline Lyrics

Lifeline Song Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I never got a yo when my pockets were low
But now I'm makin' dough it's all hello, hello
Since I got to dunkin' these motherf**kers I be duckin'
Callin' me on my beeper they ain't really dumb or nothin'
All up on my jock lookin' for nuts for the lickin'
Havin' such an ass, the nearest one I'm kissin'
All up on my diznick and all up in my business
So drop ya panties before ya wanna give me kisses
I keep em' yes I keep em' reminiscin'
Thinkin' about my thoughts and I get with em'
Just because I'm makin' money my neighbors never blink
So happy birthday mom, ya gift is not a clock but a mink
Father was a trip, always steady trippin'
Basically cause my eyes were always red from smokin' up on spliffin'
Said I wanna out the jack, can bum up in his plumbers house
But he sung a different tune when he heard about my bank account
I guess I'll be OK, I'm really not the guilty
The null is not to follow which they is filthy
Been tokin' marijuana smokin forty ounce
I never was a hoodlum but I must admit I knew em'
Forget where I came from, I know I'm always stankin'
And removin' the junkie hookers
That was givin' me up to Spinky on the lifeline

[Verse 2]
Talkin' about back in the days of my grade school years
I used to be a wild child smokin' blunts drinkin' beers
Up against, on the ends it's sticky gum on the seats
Shootin' spitballs and cause crazy fights every week
I was the complete rascal, Dennis the Menace
I there was any trouble goin' down best believe I was in it
suspension and detention became the normal activity
Teachers callin' mom cause they couldn't deal with me
And my behavior, even the next door neighbor gave up
Advice, on how to chastise me right
Sayin' whoop his ass, give him a beat and a whiplash
And that'll put an end to ya problem Mrs. Gash
Mom took heed and on the body got frame
But did it help, nope just caused more brain damage
Course the same way, the next day I was at it again
From terrorizin' the halls to cuttin' classes with my man
But my educational span was spectacular
I'm just a jerk to do my cause most Polly wanna cracker
And I ain't a actor like the one with true identity
So wait, that's cool cause it wasn't for me
See I knew I could never be like Doogie Howser
So after eleventh grade I was outtie five thousand
On my lifeline

[Verse 3]
When I got mid-teenage, I started the rage with rough ones
Known as the Run-Out Crew and go snatchin' thugs
Pullin' plugs on suckers and it's on every corner
My grandma tried to school me said son your a goner
But I don't listen I was like stop breakin' my balls
Threw up my hands and gave 50 Grand a call
I told him to put me down cause the sacks pay a lot
Now I'm throwin' rocks, dodgin' cops and goin' out like pops
Daddy cool cause he went to school for an education
He found the nation but he still found his self facin'
Time in the ghetto and communities
And that pledge allegiance to the falg sh*t ain't foolin' me
He heard my story he put me down like folks
And they was on they way to Arizona loc
He droppin' the keys, makin' these G's, that's what I need
But someone else could drop off threes, I got freeze

[Verse 4]
Lifeless cat can he help us with each other
He's my partner, he's my cop, he's my buddy
I'm the mack oh yes a frame, yes a frame oh yes I am
What a brother gotta do to make em' chill
Damn, at the club smokin' pot, chillin' in the parking lot
Drinkin' forties talkin' sh*t and what not
There was a guy and a girl K-S-L called em'
Said they tried to start beef send to the butchers
Didn't know that he had guns, we heard buckshots and bullets
My eyes had to lie as we jumped through the bushes
Had to say thanks, thank God we got away
Saw the fool by himself the very next day
Now should K-S-L leave em' alone or should I let my lips whistle
He's a stupid motherf**ker with a pistol
As for the dude he wasn't scared
Until I held a pistol to his head
He started to cry, K-S-L put it down do not lie
Go on my lifeline