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Music Video

Sneaking Up on Ya

Fu-Schnickens Lyrics


Sneaking Up on Ya Lyrics

Sneaking Up on Ya Song Lyrics

[in the background: "sneakin up, sneakin up" 4X]
[Chip Fu]
Creepin up on ya, creepin creepin up on ya [4X]

[Poc Fu]
Check the sh*t that I flips scuba dip doobie dippin
It's groovy; slammin like my man Scottie Pippen
Sly like a fox, I kick the sh*t that rocks
I'm +Golden+ with the +Gloves+, but nice with the shots
Don't try to put me down, I don't feel pain and sorrow
(The sun will come out!) Yeah tomorrow, tomorrow
I bet ya bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun
Showin grati-TUDE, my atti-TUDE is kind of RUDE
I walk with a frown while I puff my cigar an'
sit back and stare while I'm cha-cha-cha-charrin
Watchin Boogie Down, when they used to put me down
Now your mom give me skins and your pop push me pounds
Sparkin like a welder, punch ya like I'm Elmer
Embarass your ass like Gigi does to Thelma
Quick to cut your throat, hey boy don't touch the mic
[whoosh whoosh whoosh] Yeah I'm out like three strikes

[in the background: "sneakin up, sneakin up" 4X]
[Chip Fu]
Creepin up on ya, creepin creepin up on ya [4X]

[Chip Fu]
My lovely lengthy dreadlocks, be roastin on an open fire
Twisted tongue that's slippin and lyrically limpin
at your PEE-nocci-nose
I'm budda-ba-bad, budda-ba-bad,
budda-ba-bad to the bone and crafty
Sssufferin sssucotash, I let lyricsss fly like DEE Daffy
So pass, the mug so Mike can try to ?? figure
when learnin this foolish, foolish lyrical style I deliver
Maybe way, down upon a swampy river!
Far far away (hooray!) yippie-kay-yo-kay-yay
Whoa, the dish ran away with the spoon
And thennnn-IiiiIiii found-
I Pop-eye's, like Bluto, ah-how you like judo?
Not Hong Kong, Fooey, I +chop+ like, some +suey+
Like the Bruce, Banner, I gots a programma
So don't don't you cry cry for me oh Susannah
Tell your grandma, grandpa, pops and, your mamma
that you got, the right one, baby, eh-heh!
I'm freakin the stuttering style like just for one reason:
I think it's wabbit season, nah-uh duck season
Wabbit season, duck season
Wabbit season, duck season
Wabbit season.. AWWWWW SHUT UP!
Hey button your lip it's MC season dagnabbit
And ohhwowowowowwwwwwwwwwwww (whattup Chip?) I hate rabbits!
(shhhhhhhhhhhhhh) Be vewy vewy quiet, a hunting we will go
Hi-ho, the merry-o cheerio Chip's about to drop a hot potato!
'Yumpin 'Yimminy, Jimminy Crickets-kicks-kicks
some rugged and rough sh*t like this
Silly wabbit ain't got 'nuff Trix to pick
but I'll chill instead, cause for the big kid,
for the big kid, for the big kid's how I uhh, kicks it
Yo ahh, rrrrrugabugit, rrrrrugabugit, where's was the mic?
It's in the freezer *cough* freezin like like a Raider
*cough* My flow's very, ridiculous
Like Frosted Lucky Charms my sh*t is magically delishwish
I'm a Chattanooga choo was funkier uh Punky Brewster
When I'm a FEE-farmer, PEE-plumber ??
So ??, roll up, rewind selector
I huh huh, huh huh huh, like Woodddy-Woodpecker
Peace to Victor Bramble, too hot to handle
Catch me same bbbabbbbbat time and bbabbabbat channel

[in the background: "sneakin up, sneakin up" 4X]
[Chip Fu]
Creepin up on ya, creepin creepin up on ya [4X]

[Moc Fu]
Arriba arriba! Pass the boom to M-O smokes the cheeba
A new type of flow and I toast the hoe, see-ya
Flipper type hitter, quicker to get bigger
Don't believe in guns so the fist become the trigger
I roll in the hood with my Fu-Schnicken niggaz
(Your niggaz?) Yeah, my motherf**kin niggaz!
The M-O throws blows (blows) obnoxious type flows (flows)
No one knows Bo's but the emery scrolls
Kick dogg pound sounds, from miles around
when I AIYYYYYYYY AIYYYYYYYY it vibrates your town
Peace to Diamond D, Flavor U-N-I-T
We sneakin up on ya, watch your ass for nine-three

[in the background: "sneakin up, sneakin up" 8X]
[Chip Fu]
Creepin up on ya, creepin creepin up on ya [8X]