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Logan Lucky Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

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Logan Lucky album description:

The artistic ensemble of people starring in this movie is good. Daniel Craig is playing an unusual role for him: comedy. The trailer promises us to have more than several funny moments and we are sure that not all of them are included in the trailer (as it often happens with the modern taped-shot films and animated films). The plot is rather simple but inspiring and promising us to have lots of hilarious moments. Channing Tatum is all the same macho fellow that kicks faces to the right and to the left and is kicked out of his job for being a jerk. After this, he comes up with an idea to rob a bank and even releases a specialist in robbing banks (Daniel Craig) from the prison. He helps them in this task. So watch for the end of the story – it is promising.
As for the music in the soundtrack, it has been collected pretty wisely. The old style is fit for a movie. ‘America the Beautiful’ looks like the mockery in the contest of a movie because it bulges out the greatness of America while a film is about breaking rules in America. ‘Bottle Up and Go’ is a mockery of common sense. While John Denver delivers really fascinating lyrics in both of his songs, ‘Some Days Are Diamonds’, and ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’. His voice and thoroughbred lyrics emphasize what’s going on in our lives. He tells the truth: that some days are more fortunate than the others are and that every person is longing for a place where he has family, friends or heart. Bo Diddley is really a gem of this collection (while we also love John Denver and consider him one of the greatest singers ever, of all time). This man was a birth-giver to pop, rock-n-roll, and hip hop genres of nowadays. He triggered the shifting from very popular blues to rock-and-roll and influenced (and inspired) so many famous performers like Elvis Presley, The Who, and many others – read Wiki to know more about this prominent person.

August, 18th 2017


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