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Music Video

Road Runner - Bo Diddley

Soundtrack: Logan Lucky

Song Lyrics

Road Runner Song Lyrics

I'm a road runner, honey
Beep, beep[x2]
Ah, beep, beep
I'm a road runner honey
And you can't keep up with me
I'm a road runner honey
And you can't keep up with me
Come on, let's race
Baby baby, you will see
Here I come
Beep, beep
Move over, honey, let me by
Move over, baby, let this man by
I'm going to show you, baby
Look out your head
Going to put some dirt in your eye
Here I go
Oh, yeah, how am I doing?
Beep, beep
Take my hand, baby
I'm going toprove to you
That I'm a road running man
I want to show you something
That I'm the fastest in the land
Now, let me by
Beep, beep
Oh, yeah, you said you's fast
But it don't look like you going to last
Goodbye, I've got to put you down
I'll see you some day
Baby, somewhere hanging around

August, 18th 2017
That is a bright rock’n’roll performed by Bo Diddley – African American fellow that was popular throughout his entire life. Many of you don’t know this guy but he was a cornerstone fellow that invented rock’n’roll as a genre and gave later birth to hip hop and pop music as global directions. He influenced all the greatest singers and bands of the last century and has created music as we know it today, shifting from blues to what exists nowadays.
In this song, he tells about being a runner and his babe won’t sustain his pace – and the essence is not that important as vibe and rhythm that is inherent to it.

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