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Kong: Skull Island Album Cover

“Kong: Skull Island” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

“Kong: Skull Island” Track List with Lyrics

This in another epic remake of King Kong’s legend – a huge ape from some exotic islands lost somewhere in the warm seas. It definitely looks like the re-launch of the entire franchise.
This could have been done in the recent years, but no – the creators considered it too premature and placed this fancy gorilla in some ‘middle age’ of 1950-1960ies of America. The songs tell us about it even before we look at the film’s trailer:
Bad Moon Rising’ and ‘Run Through the Jungle’ are creations of Creedence Clearwater Revival. David Bowie with The Stooges are definite headliners in this collection, where every name is tied to these ages: Jefferson Airplane, Vera Lynn, The Chambers Brothers, The Hollies, and Black Sabbath. The most vivid anti-war lyrics are in Creedence Clearwater Revival. While absolutely cuckoo lyrics has ‘Time Has Come Today’ song performed in the psychedelic rock way.
There are much more good songs of that time, but these songs included in the soundtrack have something in common:
they are all anti-war manifestations or,
they are drugs-abuse manifests.
That makes them all be linked to one another and thus, they emphasize the greatness of the ape that is going to fight with men’s representatives. Even not watching this particular film, knowing the story, it is possible to predict the following sequence of actions in this action tape: some people for whatever reason go to the jungles, find an enormously huge ape, it attacks them or they attack it, it fights back, crashing the cities and habitats, they expel it or make it dead with lots of snots about its death or expelling. After you go to cinemas, please write us back if we were right in such basic definition of the plot.

March, 29th 2017


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