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Kicks Soundtrack CD. Kicks Soundtrack

Kicks lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 07th 2016

Kicks album description:

Another gangster drama. But not ‘yet another’, like you might think. This is a story of growing old. When you was nobody and nothing & you started to become somebody due to hard stresses you must overcome. And the trigger here was a simple pair of sneakers. Which was stolen from a kid, who eager so much to return them that he changed himself in the course of obtaining his belonging back. He grows stronger and starts to believe in his powers and personality. How will it end? Watch the movie.
There are many rap songs in the musical ornament of the visual row on the screen. In fact, almost every music piece is rap (37 or C.R.E.A.M). Some of their lyrics are dumb, like, for example, Barbecue Music with little common sense. Some, like Sideshow, are of more essence in lyrics. Maybe it is because these wiser songs are of funk genre? Probably, but we wouldn’t insist on this thought. What we sure about – is that you’ll love them all while watching this movie. It is about struggle, not like it happens in sports or in high school or whatever, you know. But as it happens in the real life, when you grow in the bad neighborhood, as the protagonist of the film did. His complicated fate is underlined by singers from the soundtrack, like Wu-Tang Clan or Blue Magic. They live through every moment and we literally feel immersion in every frame of the tape of this film – that good it has been created!
Reference: Kicks IMDb Page, Kicks on, Official Movie Website

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