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October, 07th 2016
The performer of this funk says he found a love in a girl. For some while, they were together, they were sleeping on the same bed. But soon she started to go away and eventually, the performer understood that this girl used him and cheated his feelings. He was a fool that he didn’t see this upfront, but now he isn’t gonna be a fool again, no. His feelings were hurt badly by this mischievous girl. He will not allow her playing with his heart anymore from now on. Reference: Amazing In You (I Found a Love) by Charles Bradley on Youtube

In You (I Found a Love) lyrics - Charles Bradley

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In You (I Found a Love) Song Lyrics

In you I found a love
Make me feel so real, oh, man
Sometimes when I'm sleeping at night
I wake up and you're nowhere to be found
You said you love me and you'll always be around
In you I thought I found a love that's true
But you used me, I guess I'm just somebody's fool
I don't wanna be a fool no more
With me you found love and you tore it apart, oh darling
You said you loved me and you'll always be around
Wait a minute, wait a minute
What you gonna do baby stop it
Don't hurt me, stop playing with my heart
I feel, you hurting me so bad
Can't take this pain no more, no, ooh
I thought you loved me and you'll always be around
Now that you're gone, baby
You break my heart in two, oh
Again, again and again
Somehow you better stop it right there, baby
Ain't gonna give you no more tries
Stop it right there, baby no more games will I