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October, 07th 2016
This is rap by Marc E. Bassy. It has only 7 lines of the text, where he tells of couple hours of his life: he drives Cadillac, having Colt 45 in his pocket, drives to the parking lot, but it is full, so he drives to the Westside to say hey to his fellas. And it ends with two lines: ‘barbecue music’. Is he going to have a barbecue? Or he is creating barbecue music? He isn’t disclosing this issue in his short statements. The song isn’t too long also – only 50 seconds. Reference: Listen to Barbecue Music on Youtube

Barbecue Music lyrics - Marc E. Bassy

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Barbecue Music Song Lyrics

Cadillac smoke, Colt 45
Parking lot pimpin'
Throwing up Westside
Tell the boys "cool it"
Tell the girls "lose it"
Barbecue music
Barbecue music