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Fun Mom Dinner Soundtrack CD. Fun Mom Dinner Soundtrack

Fun Mom Dinner lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2017

August, 18th 2017

Fun Mom Dinner album description:

Do you remember ‘Mom’s Night Out’ of 2014? This is another thing like that – ‘Fun Mom Dinner’ is about to tell you all the same story: there are four moms tired of being moms and decided to get high a little, to booze and to talk. Of course, something will happen to them – they will be in some place where Paul Rudd’s character will sell them weed to smoke – and during their run-away from a restaurant, they’ll be talking and talking, and blah-blah.
This is a very uninspiring movie and it seems like it will not even have theatrical release – it will only be distributed by Netflix, namely online. Lovers of exciting and laughable movies will be disappointed – fun is only presented here in the name, really. Every bigger or lesser hilarious moment is represented in trailer – and consider you’ve totally watched a movie if you have watched a trailer.
What about songs – they are really misled to this film. They are almost all new wave and synth pop/rock – in the name of all gods, what kind of a comedy it should be to use absolutely not hilarious new wave and synth pop/rock songs? All Work is about stopping working and having fun – though, with very disappointing and discolored picture of two purring blonds. The Boy is what a hell!? A song about a girl that wants to be a boy to play with boyish genitals? Booo for its lyrics. INXS isn’t very good in this collection too – they have represented not their best creation. Head Over Heels is a piece of incomprehensible whining that everything goes wrong. If You Were Here by The Thompson Twins is just a piece of bulls**t. In its lyrics, singer-man tells that he is too tired from having relations and so he’ll better end them.
So, if you wanna lose 81 minutes of watching the movie and about 40 minutes of listening to its soundtrack from your life – please, be our guest. But don’t tell us later that we didn’t warn you.
Reference: Get more info about 'Fun Mom Dinner' movie: IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes

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