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Boy Lyrics - Book of Love

OST: Fun Mom Dinner

Song Lyrics

Boy Song Lyrics

Book Of Love
Book Of Love
I want to be where the boys are
but I'm not allowed
I wait outside of the boy's bar
I wait for them to all come out

I'm not a

It's not my fault
that I'm not a boy
it's not my fault
I don't have those toys

I'm not a

And now it's alright
without those boys
I stay at home at night
and I play with my toys

I'm not a

August, 18th 2017
A short song of new wave, straight from the eighties, when women wore fluffy haircuts and everyone loved silver dressing. The song is soaked with sexual sensations when a girl sings she wants to be with lots of boys. She regrets that she is a girl, not a boy, and wants to have the toys they have (you might guess what toys she means). She tells she wants to hang out with boys but isn’t allowed to be in that bar where they gather. She considers herself of the other gender probably. That is an interesting mental disorder – and so she tells the whole world about her wacky dreams.

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