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All Work

Fever High Lyrics


All Work Lyrics

All Work Song Lyrics

I know a boy named Frank
Frank’s got a job in a bank
He got so bad part
Barely alive
Frank’s got not gas in his tank

All work
No play
There’s nowhere you live
You’ve got to live for today
X 1 more time
End of refrain


I know a girl named Jane
Jane’s always catching a place
And she’s never home
Sleeping alone
Jane’s catching getting insane


Why taking care of business
Now I’m keeping sleep on back
What kind of living your business
Working till the day you die
Never thought and wonder why?


Burt called Bettina and said
Let’s spend a day in bed
Cause the World War end
If not now than then
We gotta have a little high on our heads


August, 23rd 2017
The thing is that two blond and very slim (even too slim) girls tell us what to do – do not work as working will kill you – you will work until you die and will not have enough time to have fun. They tell several examples of people that work but still do not have enough money to pay even for a gas or similar. This is a reasonable stuff in some places but you just can’t take and leave your work and make not work at all – ’cause you won’t have money on anything literally and you’ll die from hunger. Please, listen to your brains and treat this song as a call to rest more and spend more time with fun but no more than that.


Read about Fever High, the Brooklyn-based duo composed of singer/instrumentalists Anna Nordeen and Reni Lane

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