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Devil's Candy Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

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Devil's Candy album description:

It will be absolutely delightful to watch a movie with THAT soundtrack. Yes, it significantly differs from almost everything that is happening on our screens lately. This is a horror movie, but not just that. It tells about the essence of The Beast, very scary, very unexpectedly, and very insightly, if there is a word. A plot is not just another stupid slasher, but the fight of a man with himself (‘You Against You’ by Slayer is extremely suitable to underscore this line). Sunn O))) amaze us with many other languages besides their native one that they use in their creations with maddening length – 16, 25 minutes… (‘Belülrol Pusztít’ performed with Hungarian lyrics and ‘Decay2 (Nihil's Maw)’ done with Hindi lyrics). Yet another thing that blows the mind is ‘Conjunctivitis’ that tells of diseases and the next creation is Dies Irae (Sequentia) that is in Latin. Thus, this is the entire set of languages usually associated with The Beast.
Besides this film, there are very juicy other horror movies in 2017. And they should be to your liking if you are a lover of such stuff: ‘The Crucifixion’, ‘Don’t Hang Up’, ‘Colossal’, ‘Devin In The Dark’, ‘Wish Upon’, and ‘House On Willow’. Their soundtracks are the same wild and devastating that this one and don’t contain loud names, the same as here also they aren’t present.
Expect this horrifyingly captivating thing that gives much food for thought soon and it’ll be interesting to compare your feedbacks about the film in your comments to the soundtrack on our site.

March, 22nd 2017


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