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The Wanton Bishops Lyrics


Shake Lyrics

Shake Song Lyrics

Yeah ah yeah go,

I tug my gal in a gunny sack,
Shell be true to me till I get back,
I threw that sack out in the rough,
By god she wasnt true enough,

Shake up Johnny wake up,
She got the red dress on,
Shake up Johnny, wake.
Smith and Wesson
All the way.

I walk in the bar and the fellas all cheer,
Gimmie my whiskey and my beer,
Drink up drink up drink up some more,
A bully in the alley and youll wake up sore


March, 22nd 2017
The Wanton Bishops are doing rock thing. By the direction of music, it largely differs from the rest part of songs performed by metallic bands. In this short, only 2:55 minutes piece, they tell us in rough words the following picture: there was a girl, who wasn’t faithful to a guy when this guy was out of town for a long time. The guy came back and found out about it. He came to her (she was wearing a red dress), put her in the sack and tugged her across the street to throw her away in this sack roughly to scavengers, like a riffraff. Then he went to the local bar and started to get drunk with beer and whiskey.


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