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December, 12th 2016
It All Ends with Him (Instrumental) done by Gregory Tripi. The melody that a little bit short in duration to reach 2 minutes exactly, gives a feeling of gloom and latter end of all being. Listening to it, we are immersed in another world where everything is decided for us in these bizarre labyrinths of ecstatic corridors, and we cannot climb over to determine our current location. Confused emotions, as if the space is distorted in the shape of the parallelepiped and you will find yourself in a world of mirrors, reflecting your inner world in a wrong manner. Reference: "It All Ends With Him", the song by Gregory Tripi on Spotify

It All Ends with Him lyrics - Gregory Tripi

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This composition "It All Ends with Him" contains no lyrics and completely instrumental.
Melody was included in original CD album "Dark Places" from official Movie soundtrack in year 2015.