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Soundtrack lyrics for Cartoon • 2017

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From all movies (and especially animated films) about the Mexican ‘other world’, the world of the dead (and about its day, Día de Muertos), this film is the greatest.
At first, with its detailed and thorough-though other world existence, how they dwell there, what do they do, how their society is arranged and so on.
At second, it has lots of good humor, nobody from the dead seem to be a nasty creature like from all these zombies movies: no, the people who had passed away are all friendly & nice. Even have their own holidays.
Thirdly, there are some restrictions to get to them and to get out from them. And these restrictions are pretty tough, and surely aren’t connected to real-life physics. It’s more mental stuff.
Fourthly, the film done by Disney and Pixar really can’t be scary. All it will be is bright, juicy, full of emotions & feelings. As always with Disney, the game of actors is absolutely mesmerizing. Especially considering the mind-blowing brightness of the Grandma – a grandmother of a boy, the main hero.
The dog worth the separate mentioning but let’s do it some other time.
As for the soundtrack: it is exciting to see (and hear) Benjamin Bratt (he performs here ‘Much Needed Advice’ and ‘Remember Me (Ernesto de la Cruz)’). The interesting story here with ‘Remember Me’ song: it has four manifestations in the soundtrack: ‘Remember Me (Lullaby)’ by Gael Garcia Bernal, ‘Remember Me (Reunion)’ by Anthony Gonzalez & ‘Remember Me (Duo)’. All represented lyrics leads to one fact: you have to be yourself, trust in what you are & do what your soul asks you to. The most number of trailers (yes, there are many) incorporate song ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ but it is currently not presented in the collection of tracks on the site. You know the lyrics of this song – they are the same deep as the music.

November, 14th 2017


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