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November, 14th 2017
This is a Latin pop song under the guitar that has lots of mockery at a person named Juanita. She is very ugly, according to a singer – she has hair like a brier, her stance is always a bow-legged, her knuckles are dragged on the floor, eyes are of the different color, her cheeks protrude in sides while her chin goes in making her super fat. With all that untidy description, a singer tells the following: ‘And if I weren't so ugly, she'd possibly give me a chance’ hinting with this that he is either super-mega ugly or that he is handsome but she can’t see his beauty through the blinkers of own ugliness. Reference: 'Everyone Knows Juanita' by Gael García Bernal - Download MP3

Everyone Knows Juanita lyrics - Gael Garcia Bernal

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Everyone Knows Juanita Song Lyrics

Well, everyone knows Juanita
Her eyes each a different color
Her teeth stick out and her chin goes in
And her...knuckles they drag on the floor
(Those aren't the words)
(There are children present)
Her hair is like a brier
She stands in a bow-legged stance
And if I weren't so ugly
She'd possibly give me a chance