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Music Video

Un Poco Loco - Anthony Gonzalez

Soundtrack: Coco

Song Lyrics

Un Poco Loco Song Lyrics

[Miguel:] What color is the sky
¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!
You tell me that it's red
¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!
Where should I put my shoes
¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!
You say put them on your head
¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!

You make me
Un poco loco
Un poquititito loco
The way you keep me guessing
I'm nodding and I'm yessing
I'll count it as a blessing
That I'm only
Un poco loco

(Musical interlude)

[Hector:] The loco that you make me
It is just un poco crazy
The sense that you're not making
[Miguel:] The liberties you're taking
[Both:] Leaves my cabeza shaking
You are just
Un poco loco

Un poquititi-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-to loco!

May, 18th 2024

Song Facts:

  • Music Genre: Latin

  • Performed by: Anthony Gonzalez, Gael García Bernal

  • Soundtrack: Coco (2017)

Artist Info:

Anthony Gonzalez - American actor and singer who was born on September 23, 2004. The actor's voice has been listed to play Miguel's role in the movie "Coco." He debuted as an actor at a very tender age and has performed in several TV shows and films. His role in "Coco" has gained him a lot of popularity. He is also a singer on the soundtrack of this movie. Anthony Gonzalez continues his devotion to a career in both acting and music.

Annotations and Meaning:

The song starts with Miguel asking questions rather playfully about the color of the sky and where should he put his shoes. The repeated phrase "¡Ay, mi amor!" is highly fond, but in a quirky, whimsical kind of way; a fun rhythm is created by this. Answers are given with silly answers a bit, like that of putting the shoes on his head, giving it a whimsical and loving interaction.

You make me un poco loco, un poquititito loco

This line may best be translated to "You make me a little crazy, just a tiny bit crazy." It captures the essence of being crazily confused about someone. There is quite a lot of fun in the guesswork and reacting playfully; hence, the relationship is joyous on his part. Miguel feels blessed that he can be happy with the confusion.

You drive me crazy, it's the loco that you make me, it is just un poco crazy

Hector joins in and the other one is driving him a bit crazy, too. He is taking nonsensical actions that make their heads shake. Yet they embrace the madness of it all.
It celebrates the fun and light moments within a relationship that bring one closer. In fact, the repetition of "un poco loco" tends to underline thematically what happens when one goes against the unexpected and enjoys the little surprises in life.

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