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Christmas Special for Kids Soundtrack CD. Christmas Special for Kids Soundtrack

Christmas Special for Kids lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

November, 12th 2016

Christmas Special for Kids album description:

If there is adult collection of Christmas compositions, there must be a child’s one. Approximately that we said to ourselves and looked for you some songs that should please your little kiddies from 6 months to 10 years. Because Christmas (or New Year – depending on what country you are in and which of these events you find popular) is a versatile holiday for all ages. When it is December 25 (or January 7th, depending on your religion), all the people of the world (except for those who are celebrating their own New Year or other holidays in general – e. g. Buddhists), begin their chores. Someone buys gifts, another – care about the choice of venue for the upcoming celebration in a circle of friends. And someone buy new clothes – because what a holiday is, if you come to it in old clothes!
And to make all these named (and a lot of other important issues) businesses be merry, we made for you (and for your children) this selection of cheerful Christmas songs that will help your kids enjoy this magical days, believing in fairy-tale, full of unpredictability. What gifts will I receive this year? Is it true that Santa is a human? How many elves help him, really? As long as your baby generally think of these and many other questions, you can offer him listening to the collection (as well as adult one too, because there is a large pile of delicious and memorable songs).
The Baby's Carol is a cautionary song. The Gingerbread Man – it will teach baby about this fairy-tale character. The Merry Hula is something average between Hawaiian and country sounding. Hap Palmer and Dan Crow are people who have created together almost nearly half of this collection.

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