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Do You Know Santa Claus?


Do You Know Santa Claus? Lyrics

Do You Know Santa Claus? Song Lyrics

Santa do you know,
Can you see it in our eyes?
Can you feel the wonder deep inside our hearts?

When you glide your sleigh through the night,
Dear Santa can you make the world all right.

Santa do you know,
Even though you're far away
Can you hear our whispers underneath the stars?
When you light your way from above
Dear Santa can you fill our world with love.

Presents underneath the tree,
We’re snuggled close tonight
Fam’ly’s gathered round,
Warm and safe and sound,
Just one gift we’d like to share with
Friends and loved ones everywhere so

Santa let us know,
Can you see us while we dream
Of a world that’s filled with everlasting peace?
Dear Santa
Can you right the wrongs, Dear Santa
Can you hear our song, Dear Santa
Can you fill our world with love tonight.


November, 12th 2016
We have not received an answer to this question, which is given in the title of the song, despite listening to the whole song. To be sure, we have listened to this pop for a few times and still – nothing. Therefore, we ask you – do you know this tanned bearded man who is of thousands years old? He visits us every year and you must have seen his elves that help him with gifts. Especially before Christmas, they are in all shopping centers. Some she-elves are even very cute persons ;).


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