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November, 12th 2016
69 seconds of discordant chorus of children's voices, where it is difficult to split out the individual words. Everything merges into a continuous uninterrupted sound. A mood of holiday is lost here (Was it here at all? Not sure). Approximately two verses of, it may be said, a melody. Most likely, it is folk pop, with an emphasis on children's audience from 6 months to 5 years. Some adults also enjoy such discordance. For example, the parents of children singing in this choir. Reference: Christmas Songs for Children, Teens, and Families

I'm Happy! (The Holidays Are Coming!) lyrics - Barbara Klaskin Silberg

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I'm Happy! (The Holidays Are Coming!) Song Lyrics

I’m happy, I’m happy
That the holidays
Are coming.
Snow is falling
From the sky,
Santa Claus
Is flying by,
Turkey’s roasting,
Stuffing’s baking,
What a jolly mess
We’re making!!
Lighting candles,
Spinning dreidles,
Laughing babies
In their cradles
Boys and girls
Are having fun,
Peace on earth
To every-one!
(Here are the chanted words for the second time through)
Light those candles!
Trim that tree!
Hang those stockings by the fire!
Sing those carols!
Candy canes!
Baking cookies!
It’s exciting!
It’s fun!
Happy holidays everyone!
We love you!