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Welcome to our site! In front of you is a location where the real music fan and film-lover can spend a half of his life! We will intrigue you with permanent novelties of the cinema world (films, TV series, musicals, animation films and so on) and tracks to them. Each movie description contains maximum information. Want to see the trailer for the newest film and its songs? No problem! Just open the description and enjoy:

  • All the songs from its soundtrack available at the moment. Be sure – if this or that song to the film exists somewhere, we shall necessarily find it and place it on the site for your pleasure!;
  • Brief description of the films and their main songs. You don‘t want to read long descriptions on the Internet about the new movie? Come to us and get the essence of it just in 2-3 paragraphs along with list of songs, worth paying attention to;
  • Video clips on each tune in the best available quality!

In addition, we want you to always be aware of what is happening around, and for your convenience, we collected in one place all the important and interesting information from the world of films and music:

  • We do blogs about all the latest updates – read them in the ‘MUSIC BLOG’ section;
  • Popular lyrics – which is now on everyone‘s lips. You can find there items like ‘Let It Go’ by Idina Menzel or ‘Rolling In The Deep’ by Adele. These are just two, but there are thousands there – check it out!;
  • New songs added almost every day.

But how to deal with all this diversity, you ask? We have thought about it, having collected in separate sections all the most up-to-date stuff:

  • Section ‘Popular songs’ shows you the most sought after tunes by our visitors;
  • ‘Featured Soundtracks’ shows collections of songs to films that people search frequently – ones at the peak of popularity now;
  • For those who prefer to keep track of everything that produces Hollywood, we have consolidated all information in the section ‘New Soundtracks’. You will find there not only hottest items like action movie Suicide Squad, cute saga about city animals Secret Life of Pets or mind-blowing comedy Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, but also popular in different years movies like Frozen or Hangover, Part II.

That's not all! ‘Featured songs’ section collects all the latest songs appearing on the site, in one continuous news strip, so you did not have to navigate through collections of songs for films. Of course, entering to any song in any way, you will find there not only a clip on it, but also that, for what most people come to our website – song lyrics! Haven‘t you found lyric to your long-time favorite music? But you have it or found it on the Internet? Or maybe you simply have written it all down aurally? Don’t waste your time anymore – submit it, using the available option, not even leaving a page!

What if you cannot find something? Use our top-located "Wind Rose": all collections and all artists in the alphabetical order. Or use the Search in the top right corner. Using the technology of ultra-fast search by Google, you can see the results just within 0.3 seconds!

But that's not all too! Are you a connoisseur of specific genre or direction, for example, love country music? In the bottom part, you may find links to other not less interesting sites on the Internet with chords, songs and videos!

So what is ST Lyrics in a few sentences? This is a huge database of thousands of songs collections to films, hundreds of blogs, and hundreds of thousands of song lyrics with links to YouTube. We work for you every day, so you were always able to find the most exciting new stuff here and to enjoy yourself limitlessly!

About Us

Is it often happens that you crazily liked the song or few from the new movie? You would certainly like to hear them over and over again. Understanding of what the performers sing, opens new dimensions to your favorite movie, it seen in a new light. Each song is like the petals of a rose, is a bright expression, emphasizing the story line on the screen. So, because we are well familiar with these feelings, we created a website back in 2002. The first letters of the acronym symbolizes «Sound Tracks».

What we do

Our specializations are official and unofficial collections of soundtracks to novelties of the world of cinema and TV serial movies. This sets us apart from the hundreds of sites in the Global Net with just lyrics.

Our main areas that we develop – «Soundtracks» and «Artists», organized alphabetically. All the new items that appear on the site, displayed on the main page in a chronological way.

User interaction organized through the option of adding lyrics to the site – anyone can add their own words through the «ADD LYRICS» menu. You can also leave your comments and opinions to the music or collection you liked.

If you want to be knowledgeable in the updates of music business, the «NEW LYRICS» option will show you all the novelties, recently appeared on the site.

Our goal

Our mission is to collect all the lyrics and soundtracks to films from around the world in one place and we are at the beginning of our journey. Why do we do it? We want to share that knowledge with the world and make the world a little bit better in our own way. We are not brilliant financiers or builders of monumental buildings. We do not know what the hydroponics is, which supply billions of people with cheap food, or how to build a solar panel on the back yard. We are the music lovers. And the music is the most magnificent human creation that lives through centuries, experiencing the rises and falls of civilizations, societies and even the powerful tectonic forces that move continents of our Mother Earth. Did Johann Sebastian Bach, creating his Toccata in D minor, understand that his music would be listened by dozens of generations after him? Or ingenious Ludwig Beethoven with his unrivaled Ninth Symphony, Ode to Joy, that makes you shed tears by its mighty grandeur, that every day millions of souls will not just be listening to this piece of art, but also would obtain new ways of inspiration caused by it? We want to bring these and other equally beautiful composition to the hearts of our listeners, to inspire our audience to the daily exploits via our site and reopen the minds of people of all ages with lovely and accurate texts of musical compositions.

Our benefits

  • Daily updates
  • Correct song words
  • Huge soundtrack collection


That's why we go to work every day in the beautiful city of Montreal, in the cold and welcoming Canada, the maple country – because we frankly believe that the music deserves a lasting place in eternity. Let our site help in this!


We are also open to find an equally warm hearts that are burning with thirst for music and want to bring own view of things in the music world. Thanks to our «Contacts» section on site, you can always send message for mutually beneficial cooperation. We are waiting for you!