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Secret Life of Pets Soundtrack CD. Secret Life of Pets Soundtrack

Secret Life of Pets lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 17th 2016

Secret Life of Pets album description:

Only couple of days left to the official release of this new animation movie in 2016 in the US. From the entire voice cast you may know well only Kevin Hart, who voices in this film the main villain – abandoned Rabbit, who’s idea-fix is to make a revenge to entire human king for being once abandoned. The similar idea, but in much smaller capacity, was depicted in Toy Story 3 (when a toy was lost by a host, he got mad over this, and arranged a blood bath for new toys in the kindergarten).

Despite the launch date is to come, this motion picture had managed to gather over USD 20 millions for now, with the budget of 70+. It is surely to recoup its investments. To support the idea of financial success, its musical producers have included in this soundtrack such big stars as Taylor Swift and Queen. Welcome To New York should be a title song, but it is only in the collection of these tunes, not in any of the existing trailers. Song Happy gives the overall idea of what is happening at the beginning of the plot. Though trailers introduce the beholders to the pets and link it to the Minions, the most part of the film will not be in the pink colors – pets will be lost, scared, captivated and freed, starving and filled-up, and then – reunited with their hosts. Fantastic graphics coupled with inimitable songs like Lovely Day, with fly lyrics and relaxing genres of the most part of the included songs give enjoyment with almost every minute of this tape. The versatility is added by a couple of freaky songs with the same lyrics as ‘Life After The End Of The World’ or Bounce by System Of A Down.

Anyway, you will enjoy the animated pets that are so similar to yours. They will amuse you, you will have a huge compassion and you’ll experience more than an hour of wit, funny and laughable creation by Pixar that you will love!
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