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Suicide Squad

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

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Suicide Squad album description:

‘What’s that? I should kill everyone and escape? Sorry… the voices… I’m kidding, that’s not what they’ve really said’ – this phrase from cute, at first glance, girl-blond Harley Quinn, said by her with nice smile in between of song Bohemian Rhapsody by Panic! At The Disco, looks, at least, confusing.
This film is a hellish fusion of fantastic oomph of crazy blond Harley (she immediately boils your blood till it turns to gore and you extremely want to… possess her in every way), plus tremendous special effects, chases, falls, shooting and every other believable action. Add here the inimitable creatures like water-living man-look-like-amphibian who eats people plus a fellow who looks like scull because of all his tattoos who burns people, and a girl, strongly possessed by witch (which, in fact, looks like she is a witch herself, familiar with extremely dark occultism stuff and she is pretty oomph herself). Add to this already sturdy fusion a re-embodiment of Joker who looks this time absolutely insane (‘I just will hurt you really really bad’) with unsurpassed hairstyle. Pepper it over with Will Smith & coolest soundtrack you’ve only heard for the last couple years. Copulate it with enormous halo of Margot Robbie that embodies Harley Quinn, this time armed with a bat, hot a hammer or gun as she used to be pictured by DC Comics. And you will receive about 50% of understanding of what the Suicide Squad is.
I Started a Joke song absolutely fits a character of Harley (even the voice almost matches, not speaking of lyrics), the same as Heathens fits their all squad. Eminem slightly falls out, as he looks a little childish with his joyful lyrics compared to the alacrity of this movie.
This film is for youngsters, as it is fervent, swelter, ardent, prompt & hellishly driving.

October, 17th 2016


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