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Walk Like a Panther  Album Cover

“Walk Like a Panther ” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2018

“Walk Like a Panther ” Track List with Lyrics

It is a film with a little fun and lots of thin British sense of humor. It is rather a drama than a comedy as it is positioned. Though, you know, there is not a single comedy from the UK that would not be a drama too. There is always drama in UK’s comedies, we really don’t know why. You get the same downhill mood after watching it as you do after continuous listening to ‘Twilight’ by Frédéric Chopin. Very sad, as if something good and lasting ends, to which you were connected for a reasonable amount of years. In the film, this is the end of a local bar The Half Nelson, which is about to close. Several local ex-wrestlers feel so bad about it that they decide to revive the city arranging one last show of wrestlers. It is the end of the epoch that was keeping them all up through their life from the very childhood (as this bar lasts about 80 years or something and this is really a big piece of local history). It is always hard to say the very last goodbye to something (or someone) you’ve been close to for so many years. No matter if it is the death of a person you’ve been married to, raised kids, grandchildren, and grand-grandchildren together, or a pub that is a heart of the city. You feel as all strings are torn within you. Well, maybe, this is the answer to the question, why there is so much drama in all films made in the UK.
The music is all British, with no exclusions. Kasabian, as always, make something blurry in the essence of lyrics. Spandau Ballet should better be a lawyer, not a singer. ‘Pass It On’ song has very deep, sophisticated lyrics sang by The Coral. ‘Walk Like A Panther’, the main theme gives us some bright mood, while ‘We Shall Not Be Moved’ reminds of how important it is to hold on together. A wonderful film if you want to experience several nostalgic times and dive into the inimitable ambiance of a small city where the time as if stopped.

March, 12th 2018


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