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The Life Aquatic Album Cover

“The Life Aquatic” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2004

“The Life Aquatic” Track List with Lyrics

Wow! The hotel blow-up! If this movie were filmed in 2016, in would be called totally intolerant to the feelings of victims of suicide bombers throughout the world. You how many attacks are in 2016. The theme of killing a shark that Bill Murray want to do (which ate it friend long ago) – is another violence abuse issue. (‘What will be the scientific achievement in killing the shark? – Revenge.’ – hilarious dialogue between the protagonist & journalist, which was pronounced with poker face, adds some portion of interest).
It is remarkable with a huge team of experienced actors in the cast, besides Mr. Murray: Owen Wilson, Cate Blanchett, Anjelica Huston, Willem Dafoe and Jeff Goldblum. They managed to show spicy and colorful characters – each of them – and they were trying to make this film flow. But, as the huge submarine in this film, it sank – with USD 50 million budget, it grossed only USD 35 M. Who’s fault is that – lack of pre-run commercial or a bad plot or creepy lyrics of the songs – we don’t know. We may guess that Bill Murray is one of the most not funny comedians. Almost all his films of late years are sinking down, except of huge success of ‘Lost In Translation’ in 2003. Every film where he was the main star, was bust, grossing either the same budget of mush below budget (the latter issue is in almost every his film). All other ones with his participation were okay only because of other cast, who really made film fly. One of his most bad is ‘Passion Play’, which grossed only 3.7 thousand!
The film wasn’t saved neither by David Bowie nor by The Zombies, though the rest of the tracks are junky. Rebel Rebel or Rock N' Roll Suicide? Seriously? Are you tryin’ to say that Mr. Murray still fits their lyrics’ spirit? Search and Destroy is the sensation that you wanna do after watching.

August, 01st 2016

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