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The Fox and The Hound Album Cover

“The Fox and The Hound” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 1981

“The Fox and The Hound” Track List with Lyrics

Old charming cartoon of good old Disney, which is more than 20 years at the moment. Since that time, Disney has significantly improved visual graphics, stories and budgets of their films and began to shoot not only animated works, as here, but full-bodied movies and even TV shows. Hannah Montana is an example of how commercially successful creation can lead to a real promotion of the singer in life. Without detracting from the story, say that the animals are generally a good weakness of Disney. And certainly, no one knows as them about how to shoot various films about animals. And animal-like monsters, such as “The Beauty And The Beast”. Whatever Disney does, it almost invariably turns out to be a very successful piece. Especially after they bought a Pixar studio started by Steve Jobs. It was a big commercial success, eventually. Whatever happen, they take good movies. And goodness is so rare in our world.
The plot is simple – everything is based first on the lack of information, and then – on an inter-species friendship, as both main heroes are animal children who are kind by default. Then they began to grow and became staler because the outside world. And they also have found the information that they are natural enemies. Although it is so, in fact, only in their heads. This assertion is supported with nothing real. And here they are at war, standing on opposite sides of the barricades. And one is persecuted, and the second is the pursuer. In general, this plot is about antagonism and its causes.
Music here does not possess the power, as we find in the later works of Disney. For example, the main voices belong to Pearl Bailey and Jeanette Nolan. One from them is a voice of dog (hound). Best of Friends, Appreciate the Lady and Goodbye May Seem Forever are top soundings here.

February, 14th 2017


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