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February, 14th 2017
Song in 26 seconds is not a song in the typical sense. It's just a composition that a commoner makes for himself when travelling on dilapidated car. Then some resentment goes from him and the song really turns into a voice stream. It is difficult to understand in this reprise, where music is and where lyrics are. As part of an animated film, it's probably interesting. As an independent work – of course, no. If assigning a genre – the maximum is folk. Reference: Jack Albertson on Wikipedia

A Huntin' Man lyrics - Jack Albertson

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A Huntin' Man Song Lyrics

Amos: I ain't got no job, I'm a huntin' man,
And I'd rather have a dog than a dollar,
So let's go banjo ring-a-ling-a-ding, ho!
Give a little hoot and a hollar!