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The Angry Birds Movie Album Cover

The Angry Birds Movie Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Cartoon • 2016

The Angry Birds Movie Tracklist

The Angry Birds Movie album description:

Jason Sudeikis voices here the main hero, a birdie named Red. He is supported by such young actors like Josh Gad and Maya Rudolph, but a wedding general here is pretty aged Sean Penn, who is still trying to stay afloat somehow and not to dive into the depths of oblivion.
Animation film tells about the plight of the bird, which nobody likes, nobody listens to and he is angry at the whole world. It turns out that he was not listened in vain and now he becomes the leader of a campaign of revenge against the pigs, who treacherously stolen their eggs. Along the way, it turns out that many birds have special talents that they might never have identified, unless the desire to avenge for their honor. What awaits us? Many-many funny moments. And the story of the unfortunate life of an outsider, who was suffering because of his unlikeness on the others. And the soundtrack prepared us not lower amount of excellent songs. For example, the cover on I Will Survive or Never Gonna Give You Up, which popularity is unabated for almost 30 years. Scorpions pleased us with their effervescent Rock You Like a Hurricane, which pumps energy as well as the black bird that explodes when frightened.
‘Friends’ song contains mild lyrics, unlike The Mighty Red Song, in which they are almost absent. Limp Bizkit sang not only one of the best compositions in his career, but also, perhaps, a song with most romantic lyrics in the entire collection.
This is a very motivational film. About an outcast person, who was raised in a hostile environment and was hardened more than any other because of that. Such people become good leaders, if the circumstances put them ahead of something. They rigidly achieve their goals and go ahead because the world was unfair to them. Now they can make the world work for them.

October, 20th 2016


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