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Now You See Me 2  Album Cover

Now You See Me 2 Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

Now You See Me 2 Tracklist

Now You See Me 2 album description:

The film is a sequel to the first part of 2013, with a large number of famous actors – Jesse Eisenberg, Lizzy Caplan, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Michael Cane, Morgan Freeman, and Daniel Radcliffe. We do not know what will be the fate of its box office, because movies with Daniel Radcliffe, not taking into account his Harry Potter work – loud hit that made ​​the two protagonists famous, him and Hermione – all were complete failure in the box office (with one exception, the film ‘The Woman in Black’). Therefore, we believe that assigning the role to Daniel Radcliffe is a bad move. As at his time, outstanding dramatic actor Kevin Costner has ceased to play in high-profile films, because he always acts in single pattern. He has to this day nothing louder than his Waterworld and The Bodyguard. The film, which was supposed to become a loud hit, ‘3000 Miles to Graceland’, crashed loudly at the box office, despite a pleiades of different actors, in addition to him. Here, apparently, shall be the same story – a lot of actors, phenomenally beautiful promo and Mr. Radcliffe, who can destroy it all.

The soundtrack to the film abounds in songs, the titles of which ones have something magical. For example, Magic Moments, This Magic Moment or Magic Stick. To the delight of fans of hard rock, Jimi Hendrix is here, which gives a pleasure not only by his unusual lyrics, but by the guitar sounds, to which are accustomed several generations of lovers of good sound. If you have not heard anything unusual for a long time, here you’ll find MJ Fresh Gang – Taiwanese hip hop. Here all is really unusual, starting with lyrics, ending with narration and sound twists. Despite the dominance of rock &b hip-hop in this collection, you can even find Giacomo Puccini – to the delight of lovers of the classics.

October, 17th 2016


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