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Music Video

Extra Large Shoes - Jay Chou

Soundtrack: Now You See Me 2

Song Lyrics

Extra Large Shoes Song Lyrics

Jupao: Hello?
Jay: Hello, is that Jupao?
Jupao: Yeah
Jay: Yeah, have you seen Charlie Chaplin?
Jupao: Charlie Chaplin?
Jay: Yeah have you seen him?
Jupao: Are you talking about his movies?
Jay: I'm talking about him in person
Jupao: Hahahahaha it's not very funny haha

* If you accidentally fall down, then just get straight back up and pretend nothing's wrong
Humour is this world's greatest gift
Don't just think about being that prince or princess
Don't be cold to others, acting cool
Let all the preparation end in a perfect performance
Let all the hardwork end in a beautiful ending
Ai yo wei ah, there's no entries for these in the dictionary
You'll unconsciously blurt them out if you nearly fall over

Ji li gu lu xi li hu lu
Humour is a professional performance art
Even if it's just waving to a cat
Or if it's asking a dog for directions, you have to concentrate

Listen carefully, whatever hu lu
It's most certainly not for describing the marble white colour of the dawn sky in the east
Sometimes you have play a tree
To know how wonderful it is to be human

# I wear a bowler hat and extra large shoes
I carry a cane and have a moustache, hello everyone
Don't you go wanting everything, yet you can't find happiness
Humour is the graceful manners in the face of setbacks

Come along with me and hey
Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey
Have you finished saying hey?

Repeat *

@ Ji li gu lu xi li hu lu
Comedy requires 100% commitment
Whether you play an animal or a plant
You must play it to be admired

Listen carefully, it's not a gourd
My whole look is not about performing magic
I wear an innocent expression while being helpless when getting into trouble
To make you happy actually requires some thought

I wear a bowler hat and extra large shoes
My actions make everyone laugh
If you need a little bit of laughter in your life, just look at me
Release all the pressure completely

October, 17th 2016
At the very beginning, the melody makes it clear that it would be about the otherness of people of different age groups (even within the same social group). For some reason here included Charlie Chaplin & the style of his Little Tramp. Of course, this Taiwanese hip hop has elements of new age woven into the narrative line, but the most important thing here is not even the mood but the incredible fusion of modern energy & ancient music, with extraordinary vision & burning visuals.

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