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Mr. Right Album Cover

“Mr. Right” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

“Mr. Right” Track List with Lyrics

Many actors, who at some point are in the trend, have periods of time when with their participation go into rentals a lot of movies at once. Anna Kendrick (blonde without chest, 1.5 meters tall with an aquiline hooky nose, with a large and elongated head & having starting dystrophy) is now experiencing such a period. In 2014, came out 6 films with her, and in 2016 – 7 more totally stupid movies that will have little box offices, for example, as one of the latest – Get A Job. It wasn’t released on big screens, but in limited edition & “on demand”. Who might demand it? Although, maybe her ingenious partner Sam Rockwell will save the situation & this film will not sink into oblivion? As the 2nd and the last person in this film, who has acting talent – Tim Roth. While in the 1st week of hire, it collected a measly USD 25 thousand. Smells with a huge box-office failure, knowing at least the fees of Tim Roth.
Among the musical accompaniment is nothing particularly memorable (such as passing-by melodies My Type or Dear Future Husband, which listener with normal development of the brain must forget in 1.5 minute after their completion). The only tune that should not be here, because its lyrics has meaning, was made by Norman Greenbaum. Antagonist to this rocker in everything – the level of singer's skills, appearance, gender – is Kat Dahlia. Love You With A Bang, despite the fact that it was set as the main musical theme in the trailer, is designed for an audience made of very young children. Their level of intelligence is equal to the main character and the main actress of this film. Or for people who have stopped in their development at the above-mentioned height and respond only to the most simple stimuli such as food and sleep. The lyrics of all the other tunes are frankly disappointing.

October, 20th 2016


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