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Alone lyrics - Megan Mullally

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Alone Song Lyrics

Oh Freddie. Freddie, I miss you so much. Life is absolute—(to waiter) Dry martini James, and I mean dry—(to Frederick) hell
without you. I’m so…so…so…
On my French ivory phone
Adrift in a sea of anwe
Just twenty-two servants and me
(to waiter) Not dry enough.
Here I am on my own
Champagne and foi groi
Just twenty-two garson and moi
(to waiter) Not dry enough.
I’m so lost without you
Life doesn’t seem right
Although it’s petris they’re pouring
I find it all boring
I need you to get through the night
(to waiter) Too dry.
I’m so freaking alone
Dancing ‘till half-past three
Just twenty-two playboys and me
Keep your gala premieres
They bore me to tears
I always feel blue
At a fancy to-do
Who needs elation
Delightful sensation
I don’t want fun
I want you
But I’m flying solo
‘Cause I’m so oh-so alone
[Thanks to Jenna for lyrics]