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Someday' Is For Suckers Lyrics - The Life Cast

Soundtrack: The Life

Song Lyrics

Someday' Is For Suckers Song Lyrics

I'm sick and tired of working in this hell hole of a place with broken glass and used up rubbers on the ground.
Sick of all the punks and all the slobs and all the drunks and all those horny freaks who follow me around.
I'm sick of waiting while some bastard looks me over, standing there deciding yes or no.
Sick of every di*k, of every hot and sweaty trick who says "how much?" before he even says hello.

I'm sick of never knowing if some john is gonna turn into another Jack the ripper on the make. But when you're a hooker,
gettin' cut up into pieces, well that's just the kind of chance you gotta take.

I'm sick of always feeling like my back is broken, sick of getting splinters in my knees. Sick of being worried if I'm gonna
catch a beating, not to mention catchin' who knows what disease.

(spoken) It ain't always gonna be like this. Not for me. I got plans.

(spoken) Oh yeah?

(spoken) Oh yeah.

Some day I'll be workin' in a million dollar penthouse where my tricks will all be coming to me. Takin' care of business in
my air conditioned bedroom, with my vcr and color tv.
Some day I'll be working for an escort service, with a very fancy clientele.

Someday I'll be known by every doorman in the city from the Hilton to the Plaza Hotel.

Someday is a promise that is always broken, someday is a day you'll never see. Someday and a buck will buy a subway token,
someday is for suckers like me.

We're gonna get there, who says we're not. Don't tell us we're dreaming, dreams is all we got.

(spoken) Hey you sick freak. What did you think you were getting?

Someday I'll be owning me the cutest little dress shop that the town of Tallahassee's ever seen. Living like a lady in a
cottage in the country with my husband and my sewing machine.

Someday I'll be going back to Puerto Rico, then my life is going to be grand. All I'm gonna do all day is stare out at the
ocean and my back will hardly ever leave the sand.
Someday is a hustler in a satin jacket, promisin' what's never gonna be, someday is a hustler with a perfect racket, someday
is for suckers.
Someday is for suckers like me.

[Thanks to Chipo for lyrics]

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