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Hooker's Ball Lyrics - The Life Cast

Soundtrack: The Life

Song Lyrics

Hooker's Ball Song Lyrics

Everybody save your bucks
Everybody rent your tux
Everybody dress deluxe
We're goin' to the hookers' ball

Invitations in the mall
Get your baby out of jail
Go ahead and make her bail
You're goin' to the hookers' ball

We're gonna eat and drink and be merry
We're gonna dance all over the floor
Every party at the party's gonna party,
Like they never partied before

Dress yourself as bold as brass
Give yourself a touch of class
Hurry up and move your ass
We're goin' to the hookers' ball

To New York and San Francisco
They all come from far and near
To attend this celebration
That is held one night a year

Only those in our profession
Are permitted in the hall
It's been here for generations
Welcome to the hookers' ball

How they dress will knock you out
And wake you up again
The diamonds shine, the colors shout
And that is just the men

Never seen folks makin' tracks
To line up at the door
Or seen 50 many Cadillacs
In just one place before

Soon the crowd is bustin' loose
A great big free-for-all
And though there is no Mother Goose
There really is a Hookers' Ball

Leave your troubles at the door
They will trouble you no more
Stay until your feet get sore
You're dancin' at the Hookers' Ball

Baby dig the atmosphere
Baby ain't you glad you're here
It's the party of the year
We're talkin' 'bout the hookers
Welcome to the Hookers'
Welcome to the Hookers' Ball

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